Snaith and District Choral Society

After our Summer Concert, we now enjoy our Summer break, and we will meet again on Thursday, September 19th 2019 in the Methodist Chapel in Snaith. Why not come along? You will be surprised how much you'll enjoy yourself. 

Useful Information

The Choral Society aims to provide an opportunity for people who enjoy singing to meet weekly and sing classical choral works, popular music and Christmas carols.

The qualifications to become a member of the society are to be more than 16 years of age, enjoy singing, to be available on Thursday evenings, be willing to work with other choir members and the Musical Director to produce professional and enjoyable concerts.
There is no audition.

The choir meets in the Methodist Chapel, Snaith on Thursday evenings, in the academic term time, from 7pm to 9pm with a short break for a cup of tea and a chat half way through. Tea,coffee and biscuits will be provided for a small charge of fifty pence but please bring your own cup or mug.
Each section has a representative who looks after the interests of members in that section. In the event of a rehearsal being cancelled, due to illness, inclement weather, etc., members will be informed by their section representative, likewise if members are unable to attend rehearsals their section rep should be informed.

The choir has a small library of music but when scores are borrowed from municipal libraries, choir members are asked to contribute to the fees charged by those libraries – usually about £1 per copy.

Uniform is worn for singing on formal occasions. Men wear evening suit with black bow tie (maroon at Christmas – provided). Ladies wear black trousers or ankle length black skirt with black, long sleeved blouse with collar, a cream scarf is provided by the choir.

Rehearsals during the autumn term are in preparation for Christmas concerts, usually carols and specialist Christmas music. There may be one or two concerts at Christmas and those members of the choir who are available sing carols in Selby town centre, collecting donations.
The term beginning in January is dedicated to preparation for the major concert of the year in March or April. Recent works performed at this time of year are: Beethoven’s Choral Symphony, the Choral works from Karl Jenkins’ The Armed Man, a Mass for Peace and Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.
The summer concert(s) is more light hearted with songs from the shows, Gilbert and Sullivan, etc.
Choir rules state that in order to sing in a concert, members must attend two thirds of the possible rehearsals and the two rehearsals immediately preceding a concert.

Annual membership is £36 payable in September and £36 payable in January (easy payments available at the discretion of the treasurer).



The name of the Society shall be

Snaith and District Choral Society, hereinafter referred to as the Society


To educate and entertain members and the public in the Arts, namely choral and orchestral music making by members, detailed study and practice of the chosen work, and for the presentation of concerts.


Membership is open to all who have paid the annual subscription, however anyone under the age of nineteen must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.

Subscription rates will be determined by the committee and are payable in two installments, September and January. Payment terms may be adjusted in circumstances of need at the discretion of the treasurer

Membership is free to those in fulltime education

Suspension The committee has the power to suspend or terminate the membership, by agreement, of any member at any time


Chairman                             Treasurer

Secretary                              Registrar

Concert Manager               Librarian

Patrons Secretary               Publicity Officer

Social Events Secretary

All officers are elected at the AGM for a fixed term of office, the Chairman for three years and all other officers for two years


The officers and representatives of the four vocal sections of the choir form the committee with the President and Musical Director who are ex-officio members.

Section representatives are elected for a period of two years at the AGM.

The committee is responsible for the management of the society

A quorum is 50% of committee members


The registrar maintains a weekly register of attendance of choir members.

Members must attend two thirds of rehearsals for each concert, the final two of which are mandatory -the Musical Director has special dispensation to waive this rule.

Annual General Meeting

A minimum of 14 days notice of the date of the AGM must be given to each member.

Nominations for election to the committee must be made by members of the society in writing and must be in the hands of the secretary of the committee at least 14 days before the AGM. Should nominations exceed vacancies an election shall be held.


If the committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the choir, it shall call a meeting of all members of the society, of which not less than 21days notice (stating terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given. If the proposal is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting, the committee shall have power to realize any assets held by or on behalf of the society. Any assets remaining, after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities, shall be given to other institutions having objectives similar to the objectives of the society as the members of the society may determine, or failing that, shall be applied for some other charitable purpose.


Life President

Mrs D Lawrence

Musical Director

Nicholas Sykes


Helen Snowden


Barbara Greaves


David Gisbourne

Soprano representative

Gill Tupling

Contralto representative

Jenny Machin


Sandy Agar

Bass Representativer

David Gisbourne

Concert Manager

Dennis Hardy


Dennis Hardy

Patrons Secretary

GIll Tupling

Social Secretary

Sue Triffit

Patrons Secretary

Gill Tupling

Our Major Choral Performances for the last 26 Years

16/05/1993 Creation Haydn Bob Lawrence
11/06/1994 Messiah Handel Bob Lawrence
10/06/1995 Elijah Mendelssohn Bob Lawrence
30/03/1996 St. John Passion Bach Bob Lawrence
07/12/1996 Messiah Handel Bob Lawrence
26/04/1997 Petite Messe   Solennelle Rossini Bob Lawrence
28/03/1998 German Requiem Brahms Bob Lawrence
24/04/1999 Elijah Mendelssohn Bob Lawrence
19/04/2000 Messiah Handel Bob Lawrence
05/05/2001 Requiem Faure JohnGriffiths
Cantique de Jean Racine, Gloria Vivaldi
18/05/2002 Requiem Mozart JohnGriffiths
12/04/2003 Nelson Mass, Haydn JohnGriffiths
Gloria Vivaldi
03/04/2004 Creation Haydn Nick Sykes
23/04/2005 Requiem, Ave Maria, Vespers & Alleluia Mozart Nick Sykes
01/04/2006 Elijah Mendelssohn Nick Sykes
31/03/2007 Mass in C Beethoven Nick Sykes
Requiem  & Cantique de Jean Racine Faure 
12/04/2008 Carmina Burana Orff Nick Sykes
The Armed Man Jenkins
04/04/2009 Mass in D Dvorak Nick Sykes
Choral Symphony Beethoven
27/03/2010 Petite Messe Solennelle Rossini Nick Sykes
16/04/2011 German Requiem Brahms Nick Sykes
31/03/2012 Mass in C minor Mozart Nick Sykes
23/03/2013 Messiah Handel Nick Sykes
12/04/2014 Gloria Vivaldi Nick Sykes
Coronation anthem Mozart
28/03/2015 Creation Haydn Nick Sykes
09/03/2016 Elijah Mendelssohn Nick Sykes
08/04/2017 Requiem Fauré Nick Sykes
The Armed Man Jenkins
24/03/2018 Carmina Burana Orff Nick Sykes
5 Mystical Songs Vaughan Williams
13/04/2019 Requiem    Mozart Nick Sykes
Polotzian Dances Borodin
Misere Me Deus Allegri